Crop tops

Summer is most people's favorite time of year when everybody wants to look stylish and beautiful while not being too hot during very humid and warm weather. It is a perfect time for gorgeous revealing outfits, and a crop top is one of the most prominent items of clothing for women to wear during summertime or at home. A crop top has many names: it can be called a cropped top, belly shirt, half shirt and so on. What is it, you may ask? It's a top that is “cropped” at the bottom (no pun intended — hence the name), so that the navel and the waist are exposed. It's a top usually worn by women and popularized largely by pop stars and the fashion industry in 1990s. The fashion of the past decades is being revived nowadays, so a crop top is a cool choice for a young lady to look trendy and stylish.

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A crop top is a perfect gift for yourself or your loved one, and our web store will help you make a great purchase!